Hanoi NoiBai Airport Taxi – from 5 USD / pers. The cheapest Noibai Airport Transfer

Ha Noi - Noi Bai Airport Transfer

Taxi Nội Bài giá rẻ

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Welcome to Hanoi!  Enjoy a convenient Airport Taxi from/to Hanoi Noi Bai Airport (HAN) with the price only from 110.000đ ($5)/ person. 

You do not need to negotiate on Hanoi airport taxi fare, you can Book in advance on Dichungtaxi website and our driver will welcome you with the nameboard (if you want), take care of you and your belongings and drop you off at your hotel or private address.

You can count on 📞 Our English Support Team 7 days a week (8a.m. to 9p.m) to assist you for any requests. ⏳ Free Cancellation up to 2 hours before.

Booking with Dichungtaxi is choosing the most reliable taxi provider in each of the 20 Airports in Vietnam and knowing the price in advance. You can even save up to -40% by using taxi-sharing! It’s greener & cheaper and much more fun !

Hoan Kiem Lake
Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi (source: Internet)


Hanoi Noi Bai Airport Taxi Fare

Hanoi City Center to Hanoi Airport Taxi (Price for one way)

 Taxi-sharing (ridesharing)Private Car (Taxi)
City to Airport transferFor 1 passenger

For 2 passengers

Cheapest price*

Xe 4 chỗ loại nhỏ sân bay nội bài

110.000 VND
(~ 4,80$)

Available from 3:00 Am to 10:30 Pm


180.000 VND
(~ 7,9$)

Sedan 3 people

Xe đi sân bay nội bài

130.000 VND
(~ 5,70$)

130.000 VND
~ 65.000 VND/passenger
(~ 2,9$ / passenger)

200.000 VND
(~ 8,8$)

SUV 5 people

Xe 7 chỗ sân bay nội bài

150.000 VND
(~ 6,60$)

Available from 3:00 Am to 10:30 Pm

150.000 VND
~ 75.000 VND/passenger
(~ 3,3$ / passenger)

220.000 VND
(~ 9,7$)

Minivan 12 people

Xe 16 chỗ sân bay nội bài


350.000 VND
(~ 15,4$)


Hanoi Airport to Hanoi City Center Taxi (Price for one way)

 Taxi-sharing (ridesharing)Private Car (Taxi)
Airport to city center transferFor 1 passenger
For 2 passengers

Cheapest Price*

xe 4 chỗ loại nhỏ sân bay nội bài

180.000 VND
(~ 7,9$)

-250.000 VND
(~ 11.1$)

Sedan 3 people

Xe 4 chỗ sân bay nội bài

200.000 VND
(~ 8,80$)

200.000 VND
~ 100.000 VND/passenger
(~ 4,40$ / passenger)

290.000 VND
(~ 11,9$)

SUV 5 people

xe 7 chỗ sân bay nội bài

220.000 VND
(~ 9,70$)

220.000 VND
~ 110.000 VND/passenger
(~ 4,70$ / passenger)

310.000 VND
(~ 12,7$)

Minivan 12 people

Xe 16 chỗ sân bay nội bài

--450.000 VND
(~ 19.8$)

* Cheapest prices above apply for taxi sharing with other passengers at specific hours ( 3h-22h30) and  will not be always available, rides from City to Airport are cheaper / for a 4 seats sedan car, 1 luggage per passenger max / Pickup with nameboard not included / VAT Included / exchange rate 1$ = 22.500 VND / Rides from 00:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m +10% price increase / for real time prices check on https://www.dichungtaxi.com/en / Information Updated: July 2017


>>> For real time price / for booking click here <<<

Information about Vehicles:

- Sedan or Vios :      👤 3 people      &       💼 3 luggages + handbags
- SUV or Innova:      👤  5 people     &       💼 5 luggages + handbags
- Minivan :                👤 12 people    &       💼16 luggages + handbags

DichungTaxi Hanoi Noi Bai Airport transfer includes:

[ENG] English Driver (Beginner level)
🕦 45 Minutes waiting time after landing (Driver will track your flight number on flightstats.com)
🏁 Tolls Included
📜 VAT & Service charge Included

Dichungtaxi engagements of Service Price

Instructions for use of Dichungtaxi service :

  • You will receive a Booking confirmation email with your unique ticket code (if you did not receive it 1hour after booking on dichungtaxi.com, please check your spam folder or email us)

  • If customer sends us the flight number during booking, in case of early or delayed flight, Dichung will adjust the pick-up time for you.

  • Nameboard at Airport arrival is 30,000d (select it when you book service, recommend in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh airport arrivals)

  • For optimal service please book 12 hours before the beginning of the transfer if for the next day. During day time, please book 2 hours in advance.

  • Recommended: For International flights, select departure time 3 hours in advance & for domestic departure select 2 hours in advance

  • For International Noi Bai Hanoi  Airport pick-up: Please look for your driver at the Terminal T2 outdoors arrivals Column number 10

  • For Domestic Noi Bai Hanoi Airport pick-up: Please look for your driver at the outdoors arrivals A

  • For Hotel or private address pick up: please wait at the lobby (if you give your Hotel room number when booking, the driver will ask for the reception)

  • Post-Paid: Customer pays in the car in Vietnam dongs (Sorry you cannot pay the driver in $, but ask him where to find an ATM, he will help you)

Information about Noi Bai Airport:

Noi Bai airport is the international and domestic Airport of Hanoi and the second largest in Vietnam (the first is Ho Chi Minh). It is located 27 kilometers from the Center of Hanoi. It takes 45 minutes to go to the city center, Hoa Kiem Lake, or the old quarter of Hanoi from the airport. Bus are available in Noi Bai Airport but it takes up to 1h30 for the trip. Free wifi is available, search for Noi Bai Airport Free and log in.

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