Can Tho Taxi: Telephone Number & Taxi Fare

Can Tho has the beauty of poetic village of water, crowded residential population, villages under coconut shadow. With many famous sites like Ninh Kieu wharf, Bang Lang stork garden ... and so many beautiful poetic scene that you should visit once in your life.

Now, Dichungtaxi will share for you information about Can Tho taxi as well as phone number to help you set your trip 


Floating market in Can Tho.

1.Number of taxi companies needed

 Taxi CompaniesPhone number
1Taxi Mai Linh 0710.
2Taxi Hoang Anh 0710.
3Taxi Green0710.3.739.739
4Taxi MeKong0710.
5Taxi Happy0710.
6Taxi VIP0710.3.814.814
7Taxi Hoang Long0710.3.688.688

2. Taxi Price

  • Taxi Mai Linh 


 open priceprice for next kmprice from Km 31
Taxi Kia Morning10.000đ13.600đ11.000đ
Taxi Huynhdai i1010.000đ13.900đ11.600đ
Taxi Huynhdai Verna11.000đ14.800đ11.600đ
Taxi Vios11.000đ15.100đ12.000đ
Taxi Innova J11.000đ15.800đ13.600đ
Taxi Innova G12.000đ17.000đ14.500đ
Waiting time fee45.000đ/h

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