1. Job Description:

  • Audit and update the English version of the website based on the Vietnamese version of website
  • Blogs content writing for foreign customers
  • Written or speaking translations (Vietnamese to English or English to Vietnamese)
  • Internal Sales & Marketing activities in our system
  • Sales process to Online Travel Agencies (prospection, qualification, negotiation and deal conclusion) - Various works to support activities of other departments that contributes to the foreign customer department (Offline and Online Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Transportation partners)

2. Requirment:

  • Able to adapt in a fast changing environment
  • Well-organized
  • Team work friendly

3. Benefits:

  • Working environment: young, freely creative and active
  • Trained by demand, personal - oriented.
  • Suppored activities: health care, spirit - improved, such as: gym, swimming, yoga...
  • Fully equipped to work well
  • Other benefits follow defined law.
  • Salary: 6-8 millions, month & quarter bonus.


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