Da Nang Taxi: Telephone Number & Taxi Fare (Updated 2018)

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If you want to transfer from Danang airport to city center or to travel around Danang. Taxi is possibly the fastest and the most convenient way to travel in Da Nang city.

Da Nang Taxi

Till now, Da Nang city has 7 big taxi firms including Mai Linh Da Nang Taxi, VinaSun Green Taxi, Tien Sa Taxi, Datranco Taxi, Song Han Taxi, Hang Khong Taxi and Huong Lua Taxi.

Mai Linh Taxi, VinaSun Green Taxi and Tien Sa Taxi are 3 popular taxies you can catch anywhere in Danang city.

If you can't catch a taxi, you can refer to the phone numbers of the taxi companies below. 

Mai Linh DaNang Taxi

Mai Linh DaNang Taxi phone number: 0511.

MaiLinh DaNang Taxi fare:

  Opening Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 10.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 10.000 VND 14.000 VND/ km 12.000 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour

VinaSun Green Taxi

VinaSun Danang Taxi phone number: 0511.

VinaSun Danang Taxi fare:

  Opening Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 9.600 VND/ km
7-seat car 10.000 VND 14.000 VND/ km 11.600 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour

TienSa Danang Taxi

TienSa Danang Taxi phone number: 0511.

TienSa Danang Taxi fare:

  Opening Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 8.000 VND 11.000 VND/ km 9.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 9.000 VND 13.000 VND/ km 11.000 VND/ km
Waiting time free

SongHan Danang Taxi:

SongHan Danang Taxi phone number: 0511.

SongHan Danang Taxi fare:

  Opening Next 30km After 30km
4-seat car 10.000 VND 12.000 VND/ km 11.000 VND/ km
7-seat car 12.000 VND 14.500 VND/ km 13.000 VND/ km
Waiting time 50.000 VND/ hour

* If you want to catch a taxi in Danang, TienSa Taxi is the most suitable. Comparing to Mai Linh Danang Taxi and VinaSun Green Taxi, TienSa Taxi has the same service with cheaper fare. Otherwise, TienSa Taxi is the first wifi-free taxi in Danang, you can easily look for tourist destinations and control your journey.

Other taxi firms phone number:

Datranco Taxi: 0511.3.815.815

HuongLua Taxi: 0511.

HangKhong DaNang Taxi: 0511.


In addition, if you do not want to negotiate on motor or taxi fare, you can book online a taxi from the webiste of Dichungtaxi.

With long-distance journey such as from Danang city center to HoiAn, Danang to Bana hills, Danang Airport to HoiAn, Danang to Hue and vice versa, you can refer cheap Danang Taxi service of DichungTaxi which taxi fare is only from 6.000 VND/km.

Danang to hoi an taxi price (Price for one way) 29km ~ 45 – 50 minutes

airport to center

Taxi-sharing (rideshare)

Private car (taxi)

Cheapest Price*

Xe 4 chỗ loại nhỏ sân bay nội bài

4-seat car


110.000đ/2 pers



150.000đ/2 pers







7-seat car


180.000đ/ 3 pers




* Cheapest prices above apply for taxi sharing with other passengers at specific hours, rides from City to Airport are cheaper / for a 4 seats sedan car, 1 passenger without big luggage / Pickup with nameboard not included / VAT Included / exchange rate 1$ = 22.500 VND / Rides from 00:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m +10% price increase / for real time prices check on https://www.dichungtaxi.com/en / Information Updated: November 2017

Dichungtaxi Options :

[ENG] English speaking driver that knows the region
Water for customers
⏭ ⏱ Extra Hour is 50,000đ ($3)/ hour
⏭ Extra kilometer is 11,000đ ($0.5) / km

Information about Vehicles:

– Sedan or Vios :      1 – 3 people      &       3 luggages + handbags
– SUV or Innova:       2 – 5 people     &       5 luggages + handbags
– Minivan :                6 – 12 people    &       16 luggages + handbags

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>>> If you've read this far, DichungTaxi hopes that you have found useful information for your arrival in Danang city <<<




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