Hue Taxi: Telephone Number & Taxi Fare

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Travel to Hue – the city of romance with gentle Huong River (Perfume River), Imperial City, royal tombs, flag tower, pagodas, temples…. you will fall in love with this place. And for those who enjoy the simple, peaceful life, you might want to come back again. 

Hue Taxi (Source: ThanhCong taxi)


There are a lot of ways to travel around Hue, most of people choose taxi for its convenience and comfort.

Nowadays, there are many taxi companies with high quality in Hue, Dichungtaxi will give you updated information about the telephone number and taxi fare of some popular taxi companies like: Mai Linh Taxi, Golden Taxi, Thanh Cong Taxi, Sun Taxi Hue, Hoang Sa Taxi, Taxi Huong Giang,…

► If you want to go to the airport or from the airport to the Hue center, you can book in advance with Dichungtaxi, beside that, you don't have to negotiate on taxi price. 

With our taxi-sharing service, you can save 40% compared to normal taxi prices.

Hue Phu Bai Airport – Hue City Center Taxi Fare (Price for one way)

Taxi Airport

Private Car
Price/ car

 Sedan 3 people

  taxi sân bay Phù Cát 4 chỗ



 SUV 5 people

  Taxi sân bay Phù Cát 7 chỗ



* Cheapest prices above apply for taxi sharing with other passengers at specific hours, rides from City to Airport are cheaper / for a 4 seats car, 1 luggage per passenger max / Pickup with nameboard not included / VAT Included / exchange rate 1$ = 22.500 VND / Rides from 00:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m +10% price increase / for real time prices check on / Information Updated: August  2017

Hue Taxi Companies: Telephone numbers and Taxi fare 

Taxi Companies

Phone number

Taxi Mai Linh

0234. – 0234.

Taxi Thanh Cong

0234. 0234.

Taxi Vang


Taxi Hoang Sa




Taxi Huong Giang


Taxi Dong Ba


Taxi Thanh Đo


Taxi Thua Thien Hue


Sun Taxi Hue


Hue Taxi Fare will range from:

  • Starting fee: 5.000 – 6.500 VND

  • Km 2 – Km 30: 11.500 – 16.000 VND

  • From Km 31: 9.500 – 11.500 VND

When taking a taxi in Hue

– If you are in the city, you will have difficulty waving a taxi, so book one through switchboard.

– If you are woman, do not catch a taxi in solitary streets or late at night. If you have to go, make sure to take pictures of the driver, license plates and sent to your relatives

– Find out the route in advance to avoid being charged by taxi drivers



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