Thanh Hoa Taxi: Telephone Number & Taxi Fare

Taxi Thanh Hóa

Thanh Hoa Taxi
Up to now, there are 11 taxi companies operating in Thanh Hoa, including Mai Linh Thanh Hoa Taxi, Taxi MeKong, Taxi 36, Taxi Linh Trung, Taxi Linh Thong, Alpha Taxi, …

There are 3 major and most prestigious taxi companies are Mai Linh Thanh Hoa Taxi, Taxi MeKong and Taxi 36. These are three large companies operating widely in the area of Thanh Hoa.

DichungTaxi will provide you with detailed information about the phone numbers and taxi price of the taxi companies in Thanh Hoa, that will makes you easy to look up and compare prices to make the best choice. Beside that, information about cheap Thanh Hoa taxi will be mentioned 

Taxi Mai Linh Thanh Hoa

► Phone number:

Toyota taxi (4-7 seats), Taxi Limousine: 0237.

Daewoo taxi (4 seats cheap): 0237.

► Taxi Price

  open price Price for the next 30 Km  From Km 31
Taxi 4-seats(K.Morning) 10.000đ 13.600đ 11.000đ
Taxi 7-seats 11.000đ 15.800đ 13.600đ
waiting time 45.000đ/h

Taxi 36 Thanh Hoa

This is a cheap taxi company in Thanh Hoa. The price of this taxi service is cheaper than some other airlines.

► Phone number: 0237.

► Taxi Price

Open price Price for the next 30 Km  From Km 31
5.000đ/0.45km 11.000đ/km 9.000đ/km
Waiting fee: Free for the first 30 minutes, 30,000 VND/km from the 31st minute

Taxi MeKong Thanh Hoa

Phone number: 0237.3828.828

► Taxi Price

Open price

Price for the next 30 Km

From Km 31
10.000đ/800m 11.800đ/km 9.800đ/km
Waiting fee: 30.000đ/hour

Alternatively, you can also refer to other taxi companies:

Taxi North Central South: 0237.3.888.999

Taxi Rang Dong: 0237.

Taxi Alpha (Minh Hai): 0237.

Taxi Duc Minh: 0237.3.866.866

Taxi 27-7 (Victory Taxi): 0237.

The above information is about the taxi telephone numbers and taxi price operating in Thanh Hoa. If you are in need of a taxi from Thanh Hoa  to Tho Xuan Airport or from Tho Xuan Airport to Thanh Hoa, you can also use the DichungTaxi online booking service, with this service you can Save up to 40% compared to regular taxi prices, plus you get the first 60 minutes free.



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