Useful tip to know WIFI password at all airport over the world

14:17 02/01/2018

You wonder what is the wifi password at Noi Bai Airport? at Tan Son Nhat Airport? Let DichungTaxi show you useful tip to know WIFI password not only at Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat Airport but also at all airport over the world.

Some Tips Help To Avoid Flying Anxiety For Children

09:58 13/09/2017

Updated Information in February 2018. Let gives you some tips that help to avoid flying anxiety for your children. No more flying fear for your children.

How to use a discount code from Dichung Taxi

11:17 11/09/2017

You are having a discount code from but do not know how to use or where to enter the discount code. This is detailed instruction for how to use the discount code.

Useful Information about Phu Quoc Airport

10:19 05/09/2017

New updated information about Phu Quoc Airport: distance from Phu Quoc Airport to city center, map of Phu Quoc Airport, check in procedure, transportation to Phu Quoc Airport, convenient services,...

Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa Flight Connection Information

15:03 28/07/2017

Updated information: February 2018. Tho Xuan Thanh Hoa flight connections. There are direct flights from Tho Xuan airport to 3 cities of Vietnam.

How To Check-in Online with Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet and Jetstar

16:38 10/07/2017

Updated information in February 2018. Let give you some instruction how to check in online with 3 biggest flight operator in Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet and jetstar.

Tan Son Nhat Airport Taxi Fare

17:23 29/11/2016

Updated in May 2018. Let Dichungtaxi gives you some information about taxi service at Ho Chi Minh airport (Tan Son Nhat) including taxi phone number, taxi fare and recommend you some safe taxis operator.

Da Nang Taxi: Telephone Number & Taxi Fare (Updated 2018)

17:10 23/09/2016

Updated information: April 2018. Danang taxi telephone number and taxi fare. Lasted information about Danang taxi fare.

Tips to avoid motion sickness in Vietnam

15:37 15/08/2016

Car trip for long distance or shorter ones to the countryside can be inconvenient for people sensitive to motion sickness in Vietnam

High quality bus to Noi Bai airport costs 30,000 VND / trip

11:32 04/05/2016

High-quality bus route 86 from Hanoi to Noi Bai airport

7 reasons you should Book in advance Dichungtaxi's service

15:54 07/04/2016

7 reasons to book in dichungtaxi & 7 reasons to book in advance

Hanoi Taxi company phone number 2019

10:51 23/03/2016

Taxi company phone number in Hanoi 2019. You can book a cheap taxi with

What to do if you forgot your belongings in a taxi in Vietnam

12:32 21/03/2016

What to do if you forgot your luggage or personal belongings in the taxi in Vietnam

Long Distance Driver Experience in Vietnam

17:04 17/03/2016

Updated information in February 2018. Let give you some instruction for long distance driving in Vietnam especially for the one drive for the first time.

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