7 reasons you should Book in advance Dichungtaxi’s service

7 reasons to use dichungtaxi

Taxi service has become popular and indispensable in today's modern life. The number of taxis as well as taxi companies has increased rapidly in recent years, however, the rates and quality of service are not identical and relatively different. DichungTaxi is a new company founded in 2014 and has quickly been trusted by customers for its competitive price and quality of service standards by applying new technology to the process of smart car booking and coupling.

Here are 7 reasons you should use DichungTaxi Taxi service :

1. Easily book a taxi
book at www.dichungtaxi.com or 0936 070 416. iOS and Android application available soon

2. Variety of taxi service
From from cheap taxi service, airport taxi, long-distance taxi or intercity taxi, many choices are available our customers

3. Compare prices between taxi firms for your mileage
With online taxi booking, passengers can compare prices between airlines to choose the taxi service that suits their needs. This feature will maximize the maximum cost and time for all passengers.

4. Cheap taxi prices like passenger cars
With the ridesharing mode, you can use the taxi service that costs just as cheap as passenger cars. (For example, with the distance from Hanoi to Noi Bai airport, the price will be much cheaper for each person if 7 people share a taxi, the price per taxi now will be about 30,000d-40,000d equivalent At the airport bus price)

5. Safety
Every trip of DichungTaxi is monitored through GPS and SMS system, driver and taxi information is updated every minute. In case you leave your luggage or anything that you are not satisfied with our taxi service, you can contact us at ibook@dichung.vn to inform us.

6. Frequent promotions
Unlike other taxi companies, DichungTaxi always strives to provide the best taxi service for our passengers, especially our regular passengers. DichungTaxi regularly launch promotions, discounts to support the maximum customer. Some programs are being implemented recently such as Hanoi to Noi Bai Airport Taxi Super Discount, only 70,000 VND !!!

7. For Environment
When using DichungTaxi's taxi service, you can contribute greatly to protecting the environment and reducing traffic jams. DichungTaxi always organizes tree planting events. You can participate in these activities on vimoitruong.org

Dichungtaxi hopes to see you on your next trip !


7 reasons to book in advance

(1) A taxi available at all times (like very early in the morning or late in the evening) Pre-book a taxi and feel confident for your travels

(2) Fixed price known in advance, even during rush hour or high demand. Taxi-sharing can reduce by 40% normal prices as well

(3) Travellers with many luggage or big-size luggage and need a larger car or a van.

(4) When you are travelling by groups of 4 people or more and want to reserve a vehicle with comfort for all

(5) Business travellers who needs a fast city transfer at arrival to their hotel or business partner. The driver will arrive 15 minutes before the landing time in case of early flight arrival

(6) Parents who wants to book a reliable taxi service at the departure or arrival of a flight

(7) For short stay transfer in the city for private or business travellers, you can book a round trip with the same driver for better time managment.

Estimated price valid from 20/05/2017 until other changes.

Our conditions: For real time prices click here

  • Please book minimum 2 hours before
  • Prices for 4 seats sedan are one luggage and one handbag per passenger max
  • Free for 1-year-old children / Children over 1-2 years old are charged as 1 person
  • Cheapest prices above apply for taxi sharing with other passengers
  • Pickup with nameboard not included (charged 20,000d)VAT not included
  • Prices on table are 1$ = 22,500 VND and can fluctuate on daily basis
  • Rides from 00:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m +10% price increase

Our Engagements:

– The best service for the cheapest price, quality matters for us

Refund if not meet your satisfaction

– Always available if booking in advance

– No need to queue up or wait, the driver will contact you as soon as landing.

– 24/7 service if booking in advance, even late night and early morning.

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Founded in 2013, DichungTaxi is an online booking service across Vietnam.

We provide two types of transport service:

1) A private car or taxi

2) A shared taxi

Today DichungTaxi is available in 20 Airports & 40 cities across all Vietnam.

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