Long Distance Driver Experience in Vietnam

From the knowledge and experience shared by the most experienced long-distance drivers, DichungTaxi would like to send you the best experiences when traveling long-distances, specially for those new to driving long distances.

Long-distance driving experience

DichungTaxi will start immediately:

1. Prepare before going

Prepare the car and people 

To prepare for a long trip, you need to ensure a good health, mental comfort and stability. For vehicles, before starting the journey, you should check the maintenance of important parts of the vehicle such as tires, brakes, batteries, cooling system, … Make sure you and the car are ready for long journey.

Prepare a little snacks and drinks

With 4-6 hours long trips, you should prepare some snacks, fruits, fruit juices, avoid salty foods, …

Also, you can choose your favorite songs, lightly, .. will be comfortable and focus on driving more.

2. The process of driving

Defensive Driving: Defensive driving is that when people go around doing something unexpected, you have time to dodge and prevent collisions and accidents.

Passing and let others pass: When you pass another car, remember to look in the rearview mirror to make sure no other car is behind you. And remember to turn the syringe, wait 3 seconds before passing. Do not turn on the speedometer and then pass over or over, then the car will not be able to turn back. Before passing, you should make one or two horns in day, lights twice at night.

When there is a car want to pass you, do not pedal gas or light brake brake. If there are no obstacles on the right side, then spleen to the right to give the car afterwards.

Kinh nghiệm lái xe ôn tô đường dài

Avoid the car to reverse the left over to overcome and confront you

Often these cars are passenger cars. In these cases, what you need to do is turn right, glance in the rearview mirror and see the right side of your car there is no one. If there is no one, turn right and stop the car if necessary to avoid the car in the opposite direction. If someone is walking on the right, brake to let the person pass and then go to the right.

Meet the turn

On long-established highways, there are often turns or crossings. These road sections are prone to many accidents. Or if the opposite person turns the head or the motor left to the middle of the road, … So if there are crowds, it is best to slow down, look in the rearview mirror and preferably go right a little. .

Beyond the curve

If the curve to the right, you absolutely must not be crossed because it is very dangerous to have the car in the opposite direction. If the curve is to the left, curved less, not too fast and foresight, you can overcome.

Kinh nghiệm lái xe ô tô đường dài - ôm cua

Go round when on the pass

Passes are usually narrow and crabs fold. In these bends often the car will encroach to the lane opposite the crab. Therefore, to ensure safety in this case, you should whistle before the crab, the narrower the view, the more need to suck the whistle. Of course, we have to keep our lane clear and we do not overtake it. If you go too fast when entering the crab, then drop the gas and brake the car to the safe corner.

Run in the rain or wet road

In case it is raining or wet, it is best to slow down, at least 10Km / h, as far as possible. If you go too fast, when you encounter it unexpectedly, you will have to avoid folding or braking, plus wet roads, sure the car you will slip water, can not control. Accidents in the rain or wet weather are commonplace.

According to the experience of the long-distance taxi cheap, the highway when it is raining or wet should run about 80Km / h, the highway should run about 60Km / h for the province is 50Km / h.

Going at the night

At night, you should slow down similarly when it rains or wet. Simple visibility is poor. Especially, when the sky is dusk, because our eyes are not clear at this time and the people are moving because of the time.

Take the road at night, if there is no car opposite you turn on the headlights, if there are opposite car, the headlights down. For motorbikes, if the narrow road, then the small down to avoid shining lights on their face.

Kinh nghiệm lại xe đường dài ban đêm

Phone, message, chat, view map on the road

This is a common practice among drivers. For long distance travel, you should minimize the use of the phone when driving, if possible should let the companion see help, if not too fast should turn off. Using the phone while driving is as dangerous as drowning.

3. After a long journey

Of course after such a long journey, you should also check your car, if there is anything to repair or maintenance should do immediately to ensure the safety of the next journey.

These are the long-distance driving experiences that Dichungtaxi.com collects from long-distance taxi drivers and long-distance motorists. Dichungtaxi.com hopes this information can help you drive safer, get the trip

Source: www.otosaigon.com

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